see you later alligator.

Jan 4, 2012

i moved.

(it's a secret)


Dec 29, 2011


new crush? Big Sean has the sexiest smile ever? hubba.

watch please.

Dec 27, 2011

the red berries.

Dec 26, 2011


i just had the best lunch.
the food was mediocre at best.
the beer was not what i wanted.
the service was not great.
sometimes it all falls on the conversation
and the person you are with.
so much realization i finally
got some sense knocked into me.

always make time for the people
you want to see. need to see.
thank you, my dear.


Dec 24, 2011

when it comes to me - you can have everything.

we are all mad.


Dec 16, 2011



already emailed.


Dec 15, 2011

the funny thing about them is that you aren't one of mine.


Dec 13, 2011

just ask.

Dec 9, 2011

if you're curious, then why don't you just ask?

hurry up!

Dec 7, 2011

what i can't wait to do once finals are over and done:

  • cabin time. skidooing anyone?
  • fireplaces
  • spiced rum and egg nog
  • tobogganing!
  • watching so many christmas movies
  • wrapping presents ...finishing christmas shopping
  • wrapping presents
  • sleeping in!
  • making more monies
  • winter walks
  • making crafts
  • baileys in my coffee
  • winter roadtrips?


these faucets are incredible!


Dec 6, 2011

"you look like you surf"
"i don't"
"well, you should"

--a stranger tells me i should surf--

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